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Your driving privileges were suspended in Pennsylvania.

You thought your time was served and checked with PennDOT only to be told credit toward your suspension time never started! PennDOT says you had to wait . . . The law has changed. You may nowbe elegible!
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A conviction for many traffic offenses can result in a suspension of driving privilege.

A person can also be suspended for a DUI violation. For some, this leads to suspension time of many months or years. PennDOT previously took the position that credit toward the suspension time only started when you surrendered a driver’s license or submitted an acknowledgment of suspension if you didn't have a license.
The law has changed! You may be able to be restored even though you never acknowledged suspension notices.

Joyce & Bittner can review your case, checking your driving history and records with PennDOT to pursue legal efforts to get you a license now.

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