If you have received a traffic ticket or a citation in Pennsylvania, it may be more serious than you think. A lawyer experienced in defense of traffic tickets and vehicle code violations can alert you to the consequences of your traffic stop.

  • Traffic Ticket Hearings at the District Magistrate level
  • Aviation Disasters
  • Bus Accidents
  • Appeal of traffic citation cases from the District Magistrate Court
  • Resolving old Tickets that have been pending
  • Citations for non-driving offenses can suspend driving privilege such as Underage Drinking and Drug Possession




There are violations that are of relatively minor consequence to a regular driver that can lead to a loss of commercial driver’s license if committed by a CDL operator. Truck Driver Defense AttorneyA commercial driver’s license is about more than mere convenience or transportation. Your livelihood, your lifestyle and your family depend on your ability to drive your truck or other commercial vehicle.

          • Reckless Driving
          • Driving Under Suspension
          • School Bus Violations
          • Failure To Report An Accident Or Leaving The Scene Of An Accident – (Click Here to Learn More)
          • Out Of Service Violations
          • Work Zone Violations
          • Speeding Citations
          • Oversized Vehicles
          • Homicide By Vehicle Or Assault By Vehicle
          • Log Book Violations
          • Overweight Vehicles – (Click Here to Learn More)
          • Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs Or Alcohol (Even If ARD Or Other Pretrial Diversion Is Offered)
          • Unsafe Lane Changes
          • Equipment Violations




A driver’s license is essential to your everyday life. Going to work, buying groceries, seeing the doctor, and other everyday chores can become enormous challenges without a driver’s license. In many cases, a legal driver’s license is required for employment.

    • Traffic court issues:
      • Recent traffic ticket convictions that our attorneys can help appeal
      • Representation in appeals of driver’s license suspension notices
      • Defense at hearings on traffic tickets to prevent additional license suspension time
      • Help assessing, analyzing, and handling old citations that have never been resolved in Court
      • Reopening tickets causing suspension time by requesting Court permission for late appeals
      • Points on your license
      • Suspension time served issues:
        • Petitions and requests for recalculation of suspension time and correction of driving records
        • Pursuing requests that PennDOT give credit for suspension time as already served


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