A young lady, who was a responsible driver and hard working business person had maintained a clean driving record. She was critically dependent on her driver’s license as she needed it not only for work and personal use but also in errands and transportation for helping her ill mother. Intentionally passing a school bus with its lights on and arm extended is not something she would do. On the day in question she recalls passing a bus that did not have its red lights on nor its arm extended. However, a nearby Police Officer saw it differently. She was issued a citation for illegally passing a school bus: Vehicle Code violation 75 Pa.C.S.A. §3345(a). A conviction of this traffic offense would carry a fine, as well as 5 points and a mandatory 60 day loss of driver’s license. Fortunately, she called our law firm to represent her at a hearing on the traffic citation.

At the hearing a discussion with the police officer, the Magistrate Judge and the client resulted in a favorable compromise. Our client was able to plead guilty to an amended violation of Failure to Obey Traffic Control devices and only received a fine — no points and no loss of driver’s license.