In another instance, a male client sought medical care after experiencing two episodes of loss of consciousness or dizziness. Following his medical appointment, the doctor’s office reported this situation to PennDOT as two episodes of unexplained loss of consciousness. PennDOT reviewed this report and decided to suspend his license under medical recall. This man was blindsided when  he received notice from PennDOT that his license had been suspended due to a medical recall stemming from his doctor’s visit.

He contacted Joyce & Bittner for help fighting this recall of his driver’s license. His driver’s license recall was particularly problematic as his job required him to drive to several different work sites.

Medical recall cases can be difficult and tricky to defend. First, a “supersedeas”, or stop of the recall, has to be requested from the judge in conjunction with filing a notice of appeal challenging the recall. For this client we were able to obtain one of these superseadeas orders from a judge that stopped the recall. Afterwards, the recall of his driving privilege was rescinded by PennDOT in the course of appeal and our client was able to keep his driver’s license.